Changing Values in the Post-Soviet Teaching Workforce

Ms Anastasia Varnavskaya
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Transition period from Soviet era to capitalism and democracy made a huge impact of value system of Russian people. Materialistic and stability of life values have become especially important. The opinion pool held by "Society opinion" Fund in 2003 showed that material well-being is ranked the second after family and stability of life. These findings are not unexpected and fit well as a particular example into R. Inglehart's (2000) thesis which links economic development with systematic changes in values of a society. He argues that economic development, cultural change, and political change go together in coherent and to some extent predictable patterns. For the ex-Soviet states this pattern is placing increasing emphasis on survival values. In situation of everyday instability, shock therapy reforms, constant losses in economical, social and spiritual terms ideology values become less significant, and those values that help one survive become a priority. If to analyze educators' work force and its values from the perspectives of social status and age group the following picture can be perceived. Those who go into teaching profession now do not belong to the elite. Many of them do not belong to intellectual elite as well. Thus values of the elite are not shared among educators. Contemporary Russian educators though nominally belonging to the middle class are on the verge of poverty according to their incomes. Their priorities at the moment are of survivalist value. As for age differences younger generations have more materialistic and less hard-work orientation. Thus social values in motivation may still be traced but they will not be on the top of the list of many people. In such circumstances old ways of motivation through ideological means cease to work. State and institution authorities should deploy new methods of motivating educators.

Keywords: Motivation of teachers, Work values, Societies in transition
Stream: Community, Culture, Globalisation
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Ms Anastasia Varnavskaya

Omsk State University

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