Strategies for Effective On-Line Teaching: Development and Implementation of On-line Curricula

Dr. Luis Acebal
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Drawing on my experience of developing undergraduate and graduate English courses for our expanding on-line programs at National University, I will discuss the different strategies that I have successfully applied in the development and execution of these courses.

Keywords: My approach to curricula development and implementation incorporates an interactive approach that acknowledges the unique spatial and temporal nature of on-line education. There is strong evidence to suggest that on-line education can provide a dynamic and learning rich environment for students when we take into account the unique on-line tools that we have at our disposal. By effectively incorporating our on-line resources such as collaborations, discussion boards, and interactive projects in our instruction, we have the capability of creating a dynamic environment that encourages participation and promotes active learning.
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Dr. Luis Acebal

Assistant Professor, Colleges of Letters and Sciences (Redding, California), National University

I have been actively participating in the development of our on-line undergraduate and graduate courses. I am presently developing a Graduate course to be delivered on-line in August 2005: Studies in 19th Century Realism: Flaubert, Maupassant, and Chekhov. I am currently researching the possibilities and feasibility of offering on-line courses in Buenos Aires, Argentina. To this end, I will be provide a series of lectures at the Universidad Tres de Febrero in Buenos Aires in March that will offer suggestions and insights to the possibilities of providing on-line course offerings in the Humanities. As well, I am currently doing research on Hawthorne's representation of the artist in his short stories within the context of American Romanticism in hopes of developing a full length article for publication.

Ref: L05P0986