Making Drawings, Judging Drawings: Universal and Local Criteria for Judging Drawings

Professor Amiel Pariser,
Dr. Anna M. Kindler
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For some time, psychologists, artists and art educators have studied ways in which people create and respond to pictorial worlds and become consumers of an artistic heritage. While universal theories of growth in the artistic and aesthetic domains have been proposed, our research highlights the interaction of local factors (such as Modernist-inspired aesthetics) and universal factors (such as the effects of cognitive maturation and development, environmental stimulation, and the impact of multiple visual genres) on pictorial assessment. We propose the adoption of a recent non-linear model of graphic response and development We will present the results of a large cross-cultural, empirical study of drawings and their assessment, taken from Asian, North and South American populations. In this presentation, we report on the ways in which members of a given culture respond to the pictorial work of members of their own culture and drawings from other cultures. Both distinctive and ubiquitous patterns in aesthetic response are emerging from the data. These patterns can be understood in terms of two basic mechanisms; the impact of local norms of "art" and "the aesthetic" and the effects of cognitive development.

Keywords: Universal vs. local aesthetic preferences, Networks vs. pathways of graphic development, drawing as communicative intention, Socialization and aesthetic preferences, Maturation and aesthetic preferences
Stream: Arts, Drama and Design
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Professor Amiel Pariser

Professor, Director of Teaching Program, Professor of Art Education Department of Art Education Faculty of Fine Arts Concordia University , CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY

Have taught in the public schools in Illinois and Massachusetts. Lecturer in art education at Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, and the Massachusetts College of Art. Worked as a Vista Volunteer and Teacher Corps trainee in Illinois 1969-1971.Research interests include: The relationship between perception and representation. Analysis of the remarkable drawings by autistic children. Examination of the juvenilia of great artists. Looking at life in classrooms. Examining aesthetic preferences and judgements from a cross-cultural perspective. Have published in, Studies In Art Education, Leonardo, Poetics, American Journal of Education, The Canadian Review of Art Education, The Journal of Aesthetic Education, Contemporary Psychology.

Dr. Anna M. Kindler

University of British Columbia

Ref: L05P0947