Engaging Future Teachers in a Critical Literacy Pedagogy in the Tertiary Classroom

Ms Lynne Noone,
Dr Patricia Anne Cartwright
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This paper explores some of the possibilities and dilemmas that have arisen for us as tertiary teachers of future teachers as we attempt a critical pedagogy through literacy. We are interested in problematising both the so-called 'literacy problems' of current preservice teachers, and also the orthodox canonical understanding of academic literacies. Grounded in the constraints of contemporary neo-conservative socio-political circumstances of life, including education, we imagine the possibility that education could be otherwise. Our critical literacy pedagogical approach seeks to disrupt our students' taken-for-granted understandings of themselves, their world and what it is, and could be like, to be teachers in schools. The material on which this paper is based is derived from our reflections on students' written responses to our pedagogy as we engage in on-going action research about our teaching. Through the language used in the responses, we see evidence of students' engagement (or not) in the critical enterprise. Contradictions emerge regarding the varying discourses about learning, knowledge, teaching and academic literacies that the students and we, as teachers, live out in the tertiary classroom. In making visible our struggles to explore with our students that which is 'not yet', we foreground and celebrate tertiary teaching.

Keywords: critical pedagogy, critical literacy, teacher education, action research, tertiary teaching, academic literacies
Stream: Adult, Vocational, Tertiary and Professional Learning
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Using Imagination to Engage Future Teachers in a Critical Pedagogy in the Tertiary Classroom

Ms Lynne Noone

Lecturer in education, School of Education, University of Ballarat

Originally trained as a primary teacher and later taking part in educational politics and policy as a parent activist, Lynne currently teaches sociology and politics of education to undergraduate and graduate students of education. In recent years, she has undertaken action research on her own teaching to explore ways of developing students' critical awareness of educational matters. She has published in this area with colleague Patricia Cartwright.

Dr Patricia Anne Cartwright

Lecturer in English Education, School of Education, Australian Catholic University (Ballarat Campus)

Patricia has taught in primary and secondary schools, and currently teaches literacy education to undergraduate and graduate students of primary and secondary education. She has a particular interest in critical literacy, lifelong learning, values education and tertiary teaching. Together with colleague, Lynne Noone, she has led various professional development programs for tertiary colleagues. She has also been involved in a number of action research projects with schools regarding student literacy. She has published in the areas of critical literacy, writing pedagogy, action research, teacher narrative, and tertiary teaching.

Ref: L05P0927