The Changing Purposes of Education

Dr Leni Holtzhausen,
Louisa Meyer
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Cooperation between education and employers regarding the demands of a rapidly changing world ( focus on the situation in Southern Gauteng, a part of one of the nine provinces of South Africa).

This paper attempt to address cooperation between education and role players in the labour market. Deriving from this the following question is regarded as valid: To what extent does present day education in South Africa offer solutions for the following; the changing demands of the labour market; the ability to adapt in a changing world; unemployment

Although provision is made in the new curriculum, based on a new educational approach in South Africa, for equipping learners with skills and values, the emphasis is still on academic studies. Learners are therefore not adequately equipped for the labour market, national and international changes over a wide spectrum, or with the entrepreneurial skills to provide for themselves.

That this complex situation is relevant in the Southern Gauteng area is supported by the fact that the unemployment rate varies around 50%. In a small scale study research was done to determine what the relationship is between education and the labour market in this area specifically with the aim of finding solutions for the problems stated above.

Keywords: Cooperation Between Education and Employers, Existing Problems, New Curriculum in South Africa
Stream: Curriculum and Pedagogy
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Changing Purposes of Education, The

Dr Leni Holtzhausen

Senior Lecturers, School of Educational Sciences, Northwest University
South Africa

Leni has been in education for 25 years of which the last 15 years as lecturer at a university. Main interest is the teaching of economic and management sciences. Louisa has been in education for 25 years of which 20 years at tertiary educational institutions. Main interest is the professional training of teachers and teaching practice.

Louisa Meyer

Senior Lecturers, School of Educational Sciences, North West University
South Africa

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