Curriculum Design for a Changing World: A Model for Teacher Training Programmes

Marike W. de Witt
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This paper/research is based on a literature study as the first phase in order to determine criteria for quality programmes. The second phase in the research was to apply these criteria to set a questionnaire for evaluating a teacher training programme. The author examine the impact of the programme on teachers after completion of the programme and found a highly positive response

Keywords: Teacher Training Programmes, Global Demands, Subject Content, Methodology, Learner Needs
Stream: Curriculum and Pedagogy
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Marike W. de Witt

Department of Teacher Education, University of South Africa
South Africa

Professor MW de Witt is a professor in Educational Psychology in the Department of Teacher Education at the University of South Africa. Her interest is teacher training for the preschool and foundation phase specialist. As coordinator of all the training programmes for this phase, she is also involved in the guidance of Masters and Doctorate students in the same field.

Ref: L05P0903