The Viability of the Portfolio for Learning and Teaching Evaluation: An Innovation Experience Carried Out in a University Context

Dr. M. Teresa Pozo Llorente,
Dr Beatriz García Lupión
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European higher education institutions have accepted the challenge and taken up an important role in constructing the European area of higher education. The changes that implicate this new educational context are a lot; some of this changes are the emergence of a new educative paradigm, accept the main role of the students in the higher teaching and learning process and the search and implementation of alternative evaluation strategists.

The new educative paradigm is focused on the students and their learning of competences, so the evaluation of this learning is the main aim to the evaluative task of the university teachers. We present an experience of innovation and action research carried on the University of Granada (Spain) in concrete in the Faculty of Education whose purpose has been to insert in the university classroom a new instrument of evaluation the academic development of the students and the pertinence of a teaching program for the learning of some competences by the students. This tool is the portfolio, it has consisted of a didactic and dynamic process through this students and teachers collecting evidences about their academic and professional development. The design, construction and assessment of our portfolio have been the three broad parts of this experience based on the reflection, discussion and consensus between students and teacher concerned in this project of action research

Keywords: Higher Education Institutions
Stream: Adult, Vocational, Tertiary and Professional Learning
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: The Viability of the Portfolio for Learning and Teaching Evaluation

Dr. M. Teresa Pozo Llorente

University of Granada

Dr Beatriz García Lupión

Research Methodology and Diagnostic in Education, Faculty of Education, University of Granada

Ref: L05P0902