The Cultural Identity of Spaniards in Two Different Contexts: Emigration and Return

"Dr" Francisca Ruiz Garzón,
Dr. M. Teresa Pozo Llorente,
Dr Leonor Buendia Eisman
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This is a narrative and biographical research whose main skills for collecting data have been the biographical interview, indepth interview and the participant observation. This study was structured in two phases. The first one was focussed on the region of Hamburg (Germany). The main purpose of this phase was to explain how was the life of the Spanish emigrant in their social, cultural, political and environmental context, their human values, their feelings, views, contradictions and their different cultural patterns. The second phase of this study was centred in Granada (Spain) as a return city. In this part we tried to explain how was the life of the Spaniards after returning from emigration, how is their process of cultural, social and professional integration.

The survey was composed by two groups: 1) members of the first and the second generation of emigrants (parents and children), and 2) People who interacted with Spanish immigrants, like members of associations of emigrants in Germany, teachers of emigrant children in Germany, the autochthonous population, etc. For the data analysis we have used the computer program called "Nudist Vivo", it has played an important role in the definition of some basic categories for the analysis.

Keywords: Migration Process, Spanish Emigrant in Germany, Identity, Culture
Stream: Community, Culture, Globalisation
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Cultural Identity of Spaniards in Two Different Contexts, The

"Dr" Francisca Ruiz Garzón

Teacher at the Granada University, Departamento de Métodos de Investigación y Diagnóstico en Educación., Granada University

Dr. M. Teresa Pozo Llorente

Granada University

Dr Leonor Buendia Eisman

Granada University

Ref: L05P0883