The Social and Affective-Sexual Education at Secondary School

Carmen Echeverría,
Mar Venegas Medina
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The starting point of this project was the convergence of two related phenomena: The interest of implementing a project of Affective-Sexual Education, following the theoretical approach with which the Andalusian Women Institute had elaborated its own Programmes on Affective-sexual Education.

The conflictive social, familial, personal and emotional-affective context student lived in at San Jose School, located in one of the poorest neighbourhoods of the city of Granada. Once the project had been approved by the School Committee during the first term of the present academic year (2004/05) sessions were started being carried out once a week, within the tutorial lessons of one of the third courses of the Secondary Level.

Our main concern was to promote education on the basis of gender mainstreaming, within the context of peace values in both education and culture.

Theoretical-methodological basis: 1. Research-action project. 2. Constructivist approach. 3. Test study.

Themes: We designed the program starting from the demands students made about all their interests of knowledge, their doubts, their reflections, and so on, from a gender approach, and dealing with the following issues: coeducation; social, emotional, and affective skills development; issues related to gender violence; infant maltreatment and sexual abuse. Our concern is the structural fight against gender problems such as violence against women. On the other hand, from our integral vision of education, we also make all the social actors involved work together, so we have an encounter with our students' families monthly to educate both parents and children under the same skills and values, looking for generating a positive self-esteem.

Keywords: Affective-Sexual Education, Body, Gender, Sexuality, Affectivity, Emotions, Self-esteem
Stream: Curriculum and Pedagogy
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Social and Sexual-Affective Education at Secondary School

Carmen Echeverría

University of Granada

Mar Venegas Medina

University of Granada

Ref: L05P0865