Thinking and University

Dr. Aleksandra Kunce
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This paper concentrates on the relations between thinking and university. The author deals with the problem of a taste of 'educated thinking' She tries to describe the basic anthropological trails connected with a machinery of education system in the contemporary world. The author concentrates on sense of the following concepts: knowledge, wisdom, openness, scheme, dispersion, order, custom, coexistence, and on relations among them. The purpose is to ask about a role of contemporary university incretions of a style of thinking.

Keywords: Thinking, University, Education System, Knowledge, Dispersion
Stream: Community, Culture, Globalisation
Presentation Type: Virtual Presentation in English
Paper: Thinking and University

Dr. Aleksandra Kunce

Anthropologist, Institute of Cultural Studies University of Silesia Plac Sejmu Sl. 1 Katowice 40-032 Poland , University of Silesia

Aleksandra Kunce, Ph.D. An adjunct-lecturer at the University of Silesia. The author of the book titled 'Identity and Postmodernism' (The Publishing House 'Elipsa', Warsaw 2003). The member of The International Cultural Research Network. The editor of journal 'Anthropos?' ( She is interested in anthropology and philosophy of culture.

Ref: L05P0838