Bringing Research on Motivation into the Language Learning Classroom

Dr Gillian Mary Humphreys
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Motivation has been shown to be a key factor in success in language learning. Motivation towards the learning of different languages can vary, however. This implies that it may be beneficial to learning to focus on different motivational dimensions in the classroom depending on which language is being learnt by which students. This paper will present the results of research of two large scale studies carried out in different parts of the world showing how motivation can vary in the same students according to the language being learnt. The first, that of Dornyei and Cziser, looks at motivation for languages yet to be learnt, while the second, that of Humphreys and Spratt, looks at languages already being learnt. The paper will also report on work showing that motivation will vary in a student according to their stage of learning and life circumstances. In doing this it will also examine what components of motivation have been identified by these studies. The paper will conclude by focussing on the implications of this research for the teacher and their classroom choices.

Keywords: Varying, Motivation
Stream: Curriculum and Pedagogy
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Dr Gillian Mary Humphreys

Department of English, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Hong Kong

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