Sexual Training and Teaching Professionals: Teaching Trainees' Opinion from the Faculty of Education, University of Granada

Dr. Francisco Javier Jiménez Ríos
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In the year of literacy, sexual training emerges as matter of urgency. A necessity made explicit in different ways all over world. In July 2003, Spanish paediatricians pointed it out as a social fact: in Spain, figures show that there is a daily birth and a miscarriage among young people under age. People, who educate to become teaching professionals at the Faculty of Education of Granada, are concerned with this necessity: they feel it and they are aware of the need of a sexual training to deal with the social demand. In a 176-item questionnaire conducted in Granada to 1200 teaching trainees, they are sensitive toward the sexual values. The most chosen ones are those linked with the interrelation between sex and love and the respect of the person, which is made clear in the field of dignity and freedom, equality and justice. Sexual education is a key instrument to build a healthy social fabric.

Keywords: Sexual training, teaching professionals, Faculty of Education of Granada.
Stream: Curriculum and Pedagogy
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Paper: Sexual Training and Teaching Professionals

Dr. Francisco Javier Jiménez Ríos

Professor, Profesor Departamento Pedagogía Facultad Ciencias Educación Granada, yes

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Ref: L05P0820