An Investigation of Pre-Service Teachers' Conceptions and Ways of Teaching Business Subjects: The Case of Hong Kong

Dr Christina, Wai Mui Yu
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Teaching is regulated by the conceptions of teaching the teachers they held (Gow & Kember, 1993; Ho, 1998; Kember, 1997; Tang, 1993 & 2001; Trigwell, Prosser & Waterhouse, 1999). A recent research has indicated that teachers hold different conceptions of teaching depending upon their classroom experience (Ho, Watkins & Kelly, 2001, p. 144). Pre-service teachers would gain their classroom experience during their teaching practice which allows meaningful and realistic formation of their conceptions of teaching. This study aims to identify pre-service teachers' conceptions and ways of teaching in the business teaching context. Phenomenography and grounded theory are employed as the research methods. Twenty-five pre-service teachers who are taking the Business Studies Major in the Bachelor of Education Programme at the Hong Kong Institute of Education are the research participants. The researcher would (1) observe the participants their business lessons, (2) interview the participants to ask for their opinions and values to teaching business subjects and about their teaching experiences and (3) study the participants' teaching portfolio that incorporates their educational belief statement, lesson planning and reflective journal in the teaching practice. To have a closer examination of the relationship between conceptions and ways of teaching, a relational table that matches the participants' highest conception reached in the hierarchical structure with their most common ways of teaching would be drawn. The results would indicate pre-service business teachers' understanding and ways of teaching occur in qualitatively different ways, provide a starting point and direction to bring about change in developing their teaching competence within the Hong Kong context. Key References: Gow, L., & Kember, D. (1993). Conceptions of teaching and their relationship to student learning. British Journal of Education Psychology, 63, 20-22. Ho, A., Watkins, D. & Kelly, M. (2001). The conceptual change approach to improving teaching and learning: An evaluation of a Hong Kong staff development programme. Higher Education, 42, pp. 143-169.

Keywords: Pre-service teacher education, Conceptions of teaching, Ways of teaching, Business teacher education
Stream: Adult, Vocational, Tertiary and Professional Learning
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Investigation of Pre-Service Teachers' Conceptions and Ways of Teaching Business Subjects, An

Dr Christina, Wai Mui Yu

Business Studies Lecturer, Information and Applied Technology Department, The Hong Kong Institute of Education
Hong Kong

Ref: L05P0818