Basic Competencies in Moral Education: A Pedagogic Offer "To Learn to Live"

Dr. Antonio Bernal Guerrero,
Dr. Antonio Ramón Cárdenas Gutiérrez
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The construction of the moral identity of the subject is a phenomenon very complex, dependent on the integration of affective, cognitive elements and of the own complete identity of the person. The moral identity can be considered central part of the construction of the personal identity. In this respect, as basic component of a project of moral education, we delimit the basic competences of the moral identity of the person. From the approach of the complexity, assuming the uncertainty of the human phenomena, the proposed competences are focused towards the possible construction of a morally autonomous subject. If the last goal of the education is to help to form persons capable of taking a worthy existence, with the major quality of possible life, turns out to be fundamental to develop the moral competence of the subject.

Keywords: Moral Education, Personal Identity, Moral Competences
Stream: Curriculum and Pedagogy
Presentation Type: Virtual Presentation in English
Paper: Basic Competencies in Moral Education

Dr. Antonio Bernal Guerrero

Director of Research Group GIPEPERSE, Licentiate and Doctor in Sciences of the Education (with Extraordinary Prize). Professor of Theory of Education in the University of Seville, where nowadays it is The Director of Department of Theory and History of Education and Social Pedagogy. He is The Director of the Group of Pedagogic Investigation of the Person of the University of Seville. It has published diverse books and numerous articles in magazines. Nowadays, his lines of investigation centre principally on the foundations of education centred on the person, on the design and evaluation of programs of personal development and on the analysis of theory curricular and of some of his more specific elements., University of Seville.

Licentiate and Doctor in Sciences of the Education (with Extraordinary Prize). Professor of Theory of Education in the University of Seville, where nowadays it is The Director of Department of Theory and History of Education and Social Pedagogy. He is The Director of the Group of Pedagogic Investigation of the Person of the University of Seville. It has published diverse books and numerous articles in magazines. Nowadays, his lines of investigation centre principally on the foundations of education centred on the person, on the design and evaluation of programs of personal development and on the analysis of theory curricular and of some of his more specific elements.

Dr. Antonio Ramón Cárdenas Gutiérrez

Member of Research Group GIPEPERSE, Graduate in Sciences of Education (Pedagogy by University of Seville), University of Seville.

Ref: L05P0798