The Learning Process of Job-Seeking Training in Professionals: Mind Representations of Learning and Work

Ms Antonio Martinez
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The academic degrees inflation and the scarcity of a job in the labour market are allied in the emergence of a new kind of professional figure, whose agents we could denominate as «job mediators». This kind of agents are intervening pedagogically with unemployed population once they get off the educational system, what work together with the elongated period of time that is implied in the passage from school towards job life. We mean the professionals that work as «job oriented training courses» monitors and the agents in job-seeking oriented work, tasks where is developed a pedagogical roll in the way that Pierre Bourdieu means with the concept of "extraordinary pedagogical actions". We investigate the learning process of these agents

Keywords: Professional Training, Pedagogical Work, social Work.
Stream: Curriculum and Pedagogy
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Learning Process of Job-Seeking Training in Professionals, The

Ms Antonio Martinez

Research Fellow, Departamento de Sociología, Universidad de Granada

Ref: L05P0794