Prosodic Strategies in the Classroom

Dr. Elsa Mora
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The importance of studies in classroom interaction is due to the conscience that the most important part of teaching, as well as a great deal of the ways in which students manifest their knowledge is done in the classroom, orally or in written fashion. This study refers to some of the theoretical trends concerning classroom discourse, with emphasis on the postulates of discourse analysis. Prosodic strategies, such as intonation, variation of intensity, discourse pauses and changes in speech rate, are analyzed when used expressly by the teacher in order to awake the students' interests and to lead them interactively into the construction of the contents and intentions of enunciation.

This research was led with two groups of 25 students each in a class of the same program content. The class of one of the groups was carried on with the classical teaching techniques; the second one using the prosodic strategies mentioned above. At the end of each of the classes, a comprehension test was applied and it could be shown that the class including prosodic strategies showed a higher percentage of comprehension that the one where those strategies were absent.

Keywords: Prosodic Strategies
Stream: Curriculum and Pedagogy
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Paper: Prosodic Strategies in the Classroom

Dr. Elsa Mora

Universidad de Los Andes

Ref: L05P0750