Visual Culture: Increasing Transference of Theory-based Technology Application from Pre-service Training to the K-12 Art Education Classroom

Dr. Penelope Orr
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The purpose of this research is to address a need for better training for art educators in the use and application of technology for the K-12 art education classroom. For teachers to be prepared to teach in an increasingly technological society, they need new skills and attitudes (Cavanaugh, 2003). Research on technology application and training for pre-service and practicing art educators showed that there is little training which is actually applicable for the art education classroom available for current art educators. Research showed that there was training available for pre-service art educators in required instructional technology courses and some in-service training available to current art educators, but that this technology education was often aimed at the general educator and not always useful to the art educator (Orr, 2003; Orr, 2004). To address this issue, this study created a curriculum based upon research specific to art educators' needs (Bolter and Grusin, 2001; Cameron,2000; Cavanaugh, 2003; Dilger and Roland, 1993; Freedman, 2003; Orr, 2003; Orr, 2004; Tapscott, 1999: Tell, 2000), current theories about the effects of technology in the art world (Gigliotti, 2001; Landow, 2001; Taylor, 2004), and learning transference theories ( Driscoll, 2000). The revised curriculum effects and transference were compared to current curriculum effects and transference to determine if the training needs addressed in the revised curriculum actually were being addressed effectively. This study developed and tested applicable findings that can be translated into curriculum for pre-service art education technology classes. The development and testing of this curriculum for application and transference of learning will inform the use of technology within the K-12 classroom and the general field of art education.

Keywords: Art Education, Visual Culture, Curriculum, Learning Theories
Stream: Arts, Drama and Design
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Paper: Visual Culture

Dr. Penelope Orr

Assistant Professor, The Department of Art Education School of Visual Arts and Dance , Florida State University

Penelope Orr, PhD, ATR-BC, is an assistant professor for The Florida State University Art Education and Art Therapy program in the Department of Art Education. Penny has written and presented nationally and regionally on: the effects of technology integration on the fields of art education and art therapy, professional training concerns surrounding technology within art education and art therapy, professional training issues involved with supervision and preparedness of art therapy students, and art therapy with older adults. Penny has developed and directed of a non-profit art therapy organization for a county in South Carolina, which provided art therapy services to county the public schools, community organizations and nursing homes.

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