The Malaysian Smart School Curriculum: A Product Evaluation

Vincent Pang
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The new Malaysian Smart School is one of the seven flagship multimedia applications that were established to propel the country to a developed and industrialized economy by the year 2020. The Ministry of Education Malaysia defines the Smart School as a learning institution that has been systematically reinvented in terms of learning-teaching practices and school management in order to prepare children for the Information Age. The objectives of the Smart School Curriculum are: to help students achieve overall balanced development; to integrate knowledge, skills, values, and correct use of language; to state explicitly intended learning outcomes for different ability levels; to offer multidisciplinary, thematic, and continuous learning; and to foster the knowledge, skills, and attitudes appropriate for success in the Information Age. The Curriculum was introduced in stages since 1999. This case study was a product evaluation of the implementation of the Smart School Curriculum in a secondary school in the state of Sabah, Malaysia. It was aimed at identifying the intended and unintended outcomes on the students of the implementation of the curriculum. Two questionnaires were used to collect data from the teachers and students. The quantitative data were analyzed using Quest, an interactive computer analysis software based on Item Response Theory. Qualitative data from interviews were used to triangulate and complement the quantitative findings. It was found that with the exception of vertical integration, all the Smart School Curriculum objectives were achieved. The implementation of the curriculum had also brought about a multitude of positive unintended outcomes as well as a few negative outcomes on the students

Keywords: Curriculum, Curriculum Evaluation, Smart School
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Vincent Pang

Lecturer, School of Education and Social Development, Universiti Malaysia Sabah

Vincent is a lecturer in educational assessment and evaluation at the School of Education and Social Development, Universiti Malaysia Sabah. His research interest is curriculum innovation. He coordinates the postgraduate research program at the faculty. He is also the Chairman of the University Academic Assessment and Evaluation Committee and an editor of the Kinabalu Journal.

Ref: L05P0732