Jack and the Job World: Using Literature and Self-Analysis to Seek Relevant Information in Order to Determine an Appropriate Career

Dr. Carol Shepherd
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Starting with the elementary grades, using a text such as the classic Jack and the Beanstalk, students could be taught to analyze literary characters to determine their personality traits and consider what kind of job those characters might hold today. This form of critical thinking, incorporating the higher levels of Bloom's Taxonomy, would continue in the study of literature through the grades. By the time students were in high school, this form of character analysis in literature would be a familiar process to them. Ultimately, they would be guided to apply the same type of analysis to themselves, to aid them in selecting an appropriate career.

Keywords: Career Choice, Literary Analysis, Character Analysis
Stream: Adult, Vocational, Tertiary and Professional Learning
Presentation Type: Virtual Presentation in English
Paper: Jack and the Job World

Dr. Carol Shepherd

Assistant Professor, School of Education, National University

Carol M. Shepherd, Ed.D., is an assistant professor at National University in California, teaching courses in Teacher Education, primarily Educational Psychology, Diversity and Change, and Critical Pedagogy. Formerly, she was a teacher of English, grades 7-12.

Ref: L05P0713