Critical Thinking: Intervening for Growth

Prof. Mary Grosser
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The educational reform that have been evolving in South Africa since 1996 were intended to incorporate the principles of outcomes-based education. One of the ideals of South African outcomes-based education is to instil critical thinking abilities amongst all learners. If it is agreed that teachers should play a pivotal role in the development of learners' critical thinking abilities it not only seems reasonable to expect of teachers to change their class room practices but also to presume that teachers themselves should reflect competence in the ability to think critically. Educator training programmes should therefore be developed to provide the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes for ensuring the development and growth of critical thinking abilities. The linked purposes of this paper are: 1. to determine to what extent teachers reflect the competence in the ability to think critically by elucidating the critical thinking abilities of a group of prospective teachers; and 2. to explore ways of nurturing critical thinking abilities in educator training programmes through modeling.

Keywords: Critical Thinking, Modeling
Stream: Curriculum and Pedagogy
Presentation Type: Virtual Presentation in English
Paper: Critical Thinking

Prof. Mary Grosser

Senior Lecturer, Teaching and Learning, School of Educational Sciences: North-West University: Vaal Triangle Campus, Vanderbijlpark
South Africa

Ref: L05P0692