Creating Metaphors to Speak for Connections Between Modernity, Postmodernity, and the Curriculum Reform in Taiwan: The Fish Swimming in the Water

Prof. Yi-Ying Huang
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The educational reform in Taiwan, named the "Nine-year Articulated Curriculum" has been facilitated for the past ten years. Theories related to its appropriateness and legitimization are always argued, debated, or doubted through dialogues and texts. Among the curriculum research texts about the theoretical bases of this curriculum reform, postmodernism is claimed to be as its very underpinning. Sarcastically, most critiques on modernity follow the legitimized framework of the research text, through which the interest of modernism appears again. It is argued that a research "text," which aims to reflect on modernity, should try to display the postmodernistic spirit of pursuing any possibility and trying creation. The purposes of this "paper" thus are: (1) to deconstruct the habitual structure of a research text and make itself as a piece of postmodernistic work, (2) to point out the modernity and postmodernity interembedded within the curriculum reform in Taiwan, and (3) from a systems paradigm perspective to create and play with metaphors, where symbols and forms evolve, which deviously and ineffably speak for the formation and development of modernity and postmodernity, the reason for modernity, and the trap in the postmodernity.

Keywords: curriculum reform, metaphor, modernity, postmodernity, systems paradigm
Stream: Curriculum and Pedagogy
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Prof. Yi-Ying Huang

Professor, Institute of Teacher Education, National Chengchi University

Ref: L05P0684