Creating an International Agenda for the Educational Support of the Children of the Migration

Dr. Samuel D. Henry
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For ten years a sustained effort to develop policies and practices supporting children, youth, families and communities has developed in Oregon, USA. The Oregon Commission on Children and Families, OCCF, features the collaboration of education, social services, and community mobilization from a geographically balanced, bipartisan citizen's group that also has two Legislators, the director of the human Services agency, and the elected Superintendent of Public Instruction, in a group whose mandate is to advise, educate, inform and advocate within government and throughout the state. Concurrently, over four years, a collaboration of higher education institutions in Mexico (Universidad Latina de America)and the US (Portland State University) has sought to research and develop practices in education and social services that support sustained success for children (families and communities) of the Migration: thousands of people who move back and forth between Central Mexico and the Pacific Northwest region of the US. Faculty and graduate students in a study abroad program have collected research about the Migration, its affects on schooling, teacher education, and teacher professional development. This presentation, at the intersection of these pathways of policy and practice, creates an agenda ( multi-institutional action, accountability, collaboration) for emerging cross national policies on behalf of the Migration's children and families.

Keywords: International, Global, Multicultural and Cross Cultural Education
Stream: Community, Culture, Globalisation
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Creating an International Agenda for the Educational Support of the Children of the Migration

Dr. Samuel D. Henry

Chair, Oregon Commission on Children and Families and Associate Professor of Education, Oregon Commission on Children and Families/ Graduate School of Education , State of Oregon/ Portland State University

S.D. Henry was born into a tri-ethnic black family in post WWII Washington DC and educated in its public schools. He taught in secondary schools in Washington, DC, and Binghamton, NY, and earned a doctorate from Columbia University. In higher education, he has served as a faculty member, a program chair, an associate dean, an assistant vice president for student affairs and the first executive director of a multi-institutional educational reform agency. As a community member he has been active in several civic organizations including serving on the Children's Investment Fund (City of Portland) and the Mulnomah County, then Oregon Commissions on Children and Families. He has also worked internationally in more than 12 countries. Married to Ana Maria Meneses, a former chemist from Venezuela, he is the father of 13 year old Antonia-Adsilla. He most recently designed and implemented a graduate study abroad program in Mexico.

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