Web Based Art Education: Improving Learning in Visual Culture

Dr. Dolores Alvarez-Rodriguez
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Surrounded as we are by a world mainly defined by visual aspects in which technology has developed infinite new ways to communicate, to work or to enjoy our leisure time, the media that allow this lifestyle become on one hand a kind of non-formal visual learning, and on the other they allow us to develop a formal learning in visual art whatever the level of the students, since today they imply the connection with the natural cultural context of children and adolescents. In both cases it is necessary to have in mind the possibility of designing the educational process in the current visual medium. As part of the Inter-university Postgraduate Degree in Art Education (UGR, UB, UCM, USe, UGi), students have the option of following a theoretical and practical course to develop Interactive Art Education as a proposal for learning in visual art. During the five years this course has been running a variety of postgraduate students have designed webs in order to promote Visual Art Education in different ways and with several aims. Our main suggestion is to work within a field that is well known for them or to choose a very special interest from the diversity of Art Education branches and contexts. Analyzing the interactive designs created for the course will give us a view on how Art Education is developing in the web as a more and more natural medium for learning.

Keywords: Art Education,, Learning and Teaching Materials,, Non-formal learning,, Interactive learning,, New Technologies,, Learning Visual Art,
Stream: Arts, Drama and Design
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Paper: Web Based Art Education

Dr. Dolores Alvarez-Rodriguez

Lecturer in Art Education, Department of Art Education, University of Granada (Spain)

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