History in the Greek Multicutlural School: The Example of Textbooks in the Lyceum

Christos Govaris,
Ms Alice Antwniadou
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Title: History in the greek multicultural school: The example of textbooks in Lyceum Presenters: Covaris Christos, Antwniadou Alice Brief outline of component: 1. Introduction- Theoritical analysis 2. Curriculum: Aims and guidelines in the teaching of history in Lyceum during 90s 3. Textbooks in second and third grade:context, language of the text 4. Conclusion During the 90s the Greek society has evolved into a multicultural society. Today around 10% of the population of the Greek school comes from immigrant families. Due to this evolvement, an argument has risen: Has this multicultural mixture of the student population and the new facts, led to curriculum and textbooks changes? Undoubtedly there has been a shift from the traditional ethnocentric (national-centred) orientation to the intercultural idea. This paper is focused on the subject of History of the Lyceum and specifically on the textbooks of the second and third grade. The subject of History is of great importance and interest as it affects the shaping of the image of the national identity and the identity of the "other". It also has an influence on the quality of the result of the interaction of this intercultural coexistence. Having as a baseline the categories of identity, culture, recognition of the other and multi-perspectivity, an analysis was conducted on the context of the lyceum textbooks and there the targets-aims of these textbooks were listed. The main conclusion has been that in spite of any alterations in the textbooks the ethnocentric orientation is the ruling feature.

Keywords: History, Multicultural education, Secondary school
Stream: Curriculum and Pedagogy
Presentation Type: Virtual Presentation in English
Paper: History in the Greek Multicutlural School

Christos Govaris

aegean university

Ms Alice Antwniadou

Teacher, Public Lyceum of Rhodes Aegean University , Greek Ministry of education

Date of Birth: 1976/03/01 Place of Birth: Pireus Studies: I have studied 4 years from 1993-1997 Greek literature in the University of Athens.In 1998 until 2000 I continued my studies in the Paedagogical faculty of the University of Athens in order to obtain the Master degree.Now I write my thesis on the teaching of history in Lyceum Working experience: I have been working as a teacher in the greek high school and lyceum for 6 years

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