Teaching for Democracy and the "Global Citizen" in Canadian Social Studies

Dr. Kurt Clausen,
Dr. Lynn Lemisko
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At present, as in many nations around the world, Canadian educators are struggling with notions about what it means to be a citizen in an evolving "globalized" world. This paper presentation will elaborate the theoretical understandings of global citizenship as articulated in recent works by Canadian scholarship such as Kingwell (2000), Kymlicka (2001) and Richardson (2002) in juxtaposition to what is taught in public school systems across the country. Because the primary goal of social studies education across Canada is the preparation of students for citizenship (Case and Clark, 1999; Sears, 1994), this study will examine the most recently revised social studies curricula — that is, Ontario (2004) and Alberta (2004) – to provide insight as to how the notion of global citizenship is actually represented for consumption by teachers and students across the country. In this, the presenters hope to contribute a Canadian perspective on critical issues that are part of the ongoing conversation about the meaning and purpose of global citizenship education.

Keywords: citizenship education, globalization, curriculum development, social studies
Stream: Curriculum and Pedagogy
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Teaching for Democracy and the "Global Citizen" in Canadian Social Studies

Dr. Kurt Clausen

Chair of Graduate Studies, Faculty of Education, Nipissing University

Dr Clausen is chair of graduate studies at Nipissing University, and teaches curriculum studies at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. His doctoral work at the University of Ottawa focused on the various manifestations of curriculum integration in the official Ontario curriculum documents and in various schools across the province. Both he and Dr Lemisko are currently engaged in a country-wide project to compare the underlying orientations, implementation and teaching methodologies of social studies curricula.

Dr. Lynn Lemisko

Assistant Professor, Department of Curriculum Studies College of Education , University of Saskatchewan

Dr Lemisko is an assistant professor of curriculum studies at the University of Saskatchewan. She teaches social studies methods at the undergraduate level and curriculum issues at the graduate level. Her doctoral work at the University of Calgary focused on revealing the presuppositions that lay behind educational/curricular reform in Alberta between 1905 and 1955.

Ref: L05P0599