Collaborative and Action Learning: Benefits and Implementation

Mrs Julia Claxton,
Ms Jackie Mathers,
Mrs Diana Wetherell Terry
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We have been researching the benefits of using collaborative learning and action learning in our degree and masters programmes and have found specific benefits relating to: the students' feeling of belonging improved critical thinking improved research skills development of emotional intelligence We would like to talk about these benefits and run a workshop where participants can experience the processes involved and ways in which they can implement this process into their own programmes

Keywords: Collaborative Learning, Action Learning, Emotional Intelligence, Critical Thinking
Stream: Curriculum and Pedagogy
Presentation Type: Workshop Presentation in English
Paper: Benefits of using Action Learning and Student Feedback, The

Mrs Julia Claxton

Senior Lecturer, School of Management, Community and Communication, York St John College

Ms Jackie Mathers

Head of School, School for Management, Community and Communication, York St John College

Mrs Diana Wetherell Terry

Principal Lecturer, School of Management, Community and Communication, York St John College

Ref: L05P0596