Reconceptualizing White Teacher Candidates as Learners about Diversity: What Resources Do They Bring?

Dr. Karen Lowenstein
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Researchers and teacher educators usually cite the disjunction between the sociocultural characteristics of teachers and K-12 students to urge examination of issues of diversity within teacher preparation programs. Although this urgency cannot be understated, the demographic imperative's legitimacy sometimes serves as license to characterize all White teacher candidates as deficient learners when it comes to diversity. This research study was designed to examine what resources a group of eight White teacher candidates brought to their learning about issues of diversity during a semester-long foundations course in education. Ultimately, if we want teachers who build on the resources that K-12 students have, this study suggests that teacher educators can and must enact a parallel pedagogy in teacher preparation.

Keywords: Preservice Teacher Education, Multicultural Teacher Education, Pedagogy and Curriculum in Teacher Education, Learning Theory
Stream: Curriculum and Pedagogy
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Dr. Karen Lowenstein

Clinical Professor, The Boettcher Teachers Program, Public Education and Business Coalition and the University of Denver

Karen Lowenstein received her doctorate in Teacher Education from Michigan State University in 2004. She currently serves as clinical professor for an alternative licensure program in Denver, Colorado that aims to recruit and retain teachers for high needs schools. Her scholarly interests center upon pedagogies and curricula for creating and enacting a multicultural teacher education.

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