The Impact of Motivation on Learning

Dr. Ahmed Hassoubah,
Dr. Zaleha Izhab
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The paper presents a motivational module that is founded on the vast number of motivational theories. However, in addition, the module has been formulated on concepts that have been derived from the Quran and Teachings of the Prohpet. As such, this module precribes a strong Islamic perspective to the notion of motivation which is a hypothetical construct that has indicated its impact on the process of learning. The components of the motivational module are described and the nature of its implementation by both the teachers and the learners to ensure its effectiveness, is discussed. Essentially the components of the module can be "converted" into a formula which portrays the definition of motivation namely the need to have goals, the need to know how to energize oneself to learn and very importantly, to know how to persist and sustain one's quest to attain the goals. A number of different activities created for the module have already been tried out in motivational programmes and have shown success. These activities have been created for different age groups.

Keywords: Motivational Module
Stream: Curriculum and Pedagogy
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Dr. Ahmed Hassoubah

Lecturer, Centre for Education and Human Development, International Islamic University Malysia, International Islamic University Malaysia

Ph.D in Educational Administration. Teaching postgraduate students essentially on educational management and administration. Mainly involved in the supervision of thesis writing.

Dr. Zaleha Izhab

Lecturer, Centre for Education and Human development, International islamic University Malaysia, Inernational Islamic University Malaysia

I obtained my Ph.D. from the University of Malaya, Malaysia in the area od Educational Psychology and pedagogy in 1994, and since obtaining this degree joined the University to teach Educational Psychology, Curriculum and also Thinking Skills. I obtained my M. sc. Ed. from the Indiana University, USA in 1987 when I was working as a Curriculum Officer at the Curriculum Development Centre, Ministry of Education Malysia. At this present time my courses include the "Psychology of Motivation" taught at the Ph.D. level — thereby the interest and focus. At the M.Ed. I teach Critical and Creative Thinking Skills and Methologogy of Teaching Thinking. I have written a small book "Handbook fpr Students: Developing Critiacl and Creative thinking skills".

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