'So How Was It For You?': Evaluating the Transnational Education Experience, Five Years On

Ms Yvonne Turner
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This paper explores the experiences of a group of Chinese people who graduated with UK Business Degrees in the late 1990s. It presents data about their perceptions of the influence of their studies on their ensuing lives and work. The paper briefly reviews literature about the changing role of education in China, commenting on developments following late twentieth century reforms. It also reflects on the practical management, teaching and learning issues inherent in trans-national education partnerships. The primary research draws on material from a longitudinal study begun in 1998/9 and ongoing. The research data is presented as excerpts from oral histories, where participants discuss their experiences in education and work and the implications of their educational choices on personal identity. The main conclusions are that: the impact of trans-national education on men and women in China may differ; graduates value aspects of the learning experiences extrinsic to the subject of study more than disciplinary knowledge over time; structural issues in China affect both the motivation to study on and utility of overseas degrees after graduation; and that the trans-national experience impacts on cultural and personal identity that may influence graduates' integration into the mainstream of Chinese society.

Keywords: Transnational Higher Education, China, Globalization
Stream: Community, Culture, Globalisation
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: 'So How Was It For You?'

Ms Yvonne Turner

Teaching Fellow, Business School, university of Newcastle upon Tyne

I have worked in HE for 9 years, in the UK and in China. Currently I manage an international taught Master's programme in Business. My interests are in the area of international Higher Education Management and cross-cultural learning in organizations, with a special focus on Sino-international cooperation. I work as a Teaching and Learning Fellow across the university, focusing on projects in the area of international students and diversity.

Ref: L05P0569