The Design and Development of ICT's in Developing Countries: The Impact on Cultural, Social, and Political Values

Ms Anita Gopal
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Since the mid-nineties, information communication technologies (ICT) have been rapidly developing on a global scale due to our changing economy, bringing new innovations to teaching and learning. In industrialized countries, ICT's are being introduced through e-learning and distance education in the government, business, and the education sectors. Meanwhile, in developing regions such as Africa, India, and Latin America, efforts are falling behind to introduce ICT's into the educational system. Therefore, it is essential to bridge the gap between these regions and employ well-planned instructional strategies to support this initiative. At the same time, it is important to address the cultural issues surrounding the implementation of new forms of technology that could potentially foster the educational system in developing regions. Thus, the focus of this my proposed paper is to examine the design and development of ICT's in developing regions and explore their impact on cultural, social and political values in accordance with their respective region.

Keywords: Information Communication Technologies
Stream: Community, Culture, Globalisation
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Paper: Design and Development of Information Communication Technologies, The

Ms Anita Gopal

Instructional Design Consultant, The Training Department, Emerging Information Systems

Anita Gopal received and M.A. in Educational Technology at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada. She has worked at Athabasca University in Edmonton, Alberta on the EduSource project where she was involved in the designing and development of course websites, learning objects and the creation of a digital reading room. As well, Anita has worked for the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology developing print-based and online courses. Currently, she is working as an Instructional Design Consultant at Emerging Information Systems in Winnipeg, Manitoba conducting a formative evaluation of EISI's training workshops. In addition, she is involved on a project with Manitoba Citizenship and Youth, to promote the use of ICT's for middle school teachers. As an Instructional Designer, Anita is committed to quality in teaching, learning and performance. Her main goal is to ensure that the needs of learners are effectively and efficiently met using the most appropriate and effective tools, resources and strategies available. Anita is particularly interested in areas such as distance education, globalization of e-learning, knowledge management, and comparative and international development education in Latin America and Asia.

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