The Effectiveness of Ten Years of Values Education: A Case Study of a Small, Private Comprehensive Institution

Ms. Patricia B. Serotkin,
Wenfan Yan
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In 2002-2003, a small, private Master's I comprehensive institution located in western central Pennsylvania initiated a self-study process that focused on assessing the effectiveness of the three major components of its general education program: values, skills, and knowledge. This paper discusses the methodology and results of a study designed to assess the degree to which the "values" component of this program was perceived to have been assimilated after a ten-year period of implementation. The findings indicated that the degree to which "values" objectives and strategies are implemented is not necessarily related to their perceived importance. The results of this study have important practical implications for educational institutions embarking upon or engaged in values education. While these findings show that the "values" objectives and strategies of this university's general education program have been unevenly implemented over a period of time, they also imply that values infusion may require some time to achieve. In this case, the perceived degree of importance of the "values" strategies not fully implemented was quite high, indicating a strong alignment with institutional "core" values and implying that these strategies should not necessarily be abandoned, though additional strategies may be developed. Finally, as this study did not examine the factors that may have impeded the objectives and strategies that were not implemented satisfactorily, additional research is needed in this area.

Keywords: Values Education, Values Assimilation, General Education
Stream: Curriculum and Pedagogy
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Effectiveness of Ten Years of Values Education, The

Ms. Patricia B. Serotkin

Director of Library and Academic Information Services, Division of Academic Affairs Pasquerilla Library , Saint Francis University

Patricia B. Serotkin is Director of Library and Academic Information Services for Saint Francis University of Loretto, Pennsylvania, USA. A member of the University administrative staff since 1983, Ms Serotkin has held the position of Director since 1986. She is responsible for providing strategic leadership for the coordination and management of library/media services and information technology/academic computing resources, and for fostering the collaboration of students, faculty, and staff to facilitate the effective use of information services. Ms Serotkin earned a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and Psychology in 1972 and a Master of Library Science in 1978 at the University of Pittsburgh, and received a Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry from Saint Francis College in 1997. She is currently a doctoral candidate at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

Wenfan Yan

Professor, Administration and Leadership Studies, College of Education, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

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