The Transitions of Early Career Visual Arts Teachers

Dr. Denise Stanley
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A career in teaching may be very challenging for first year educators as they undergo certain realities of the profession that were unforeseen. The process of producing and understanding art may take on new meanings and develop new identities within visual arts teachers as they are no longer students, but educators of the subject. Inspired by my early career transitions in the United States, my research studies at the University of Sydney have evolved from a self-narrative of my experiences as a first year visual arts teacher. Using qualitative methodology, interviews will be conducted throughout 2005 to follow four visual arts teachers in their first year of teaching. Our narrative stories underpin my research framework and inform the overall design and analysis. The stories of our transitions and evolving relationship to the visual arts provide the crucial investigative focus which sets out to find answers to the following questions: 1.What transitional challenges do first year visual arts teachers undergo? 2.How do beginning visual arts teachers describe their identity as an individual and as a teacher in relation to art? Does this identity change during the transition to a career in teaching?

Keywords: First Year Teacher, Visual Arts, Transition, Self-Narrative, Narrative
Stream: Arts, Drama and Design
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Teachers are Artists / Artists are Teachers

Dr. Denise Stanley

PhD Candidate, Faculty of Education and Social Work, University of Sydney

Denise Stanley continues to do research on the early career transitions of visual arts teachers while presenting and publishing her work throughout Australia. In addition to her research studies, Denise is an Associate Lecturer for Undergraduate Education courses, a Tertiary Supervisor and continues to do Research Assistant work at the University of Sydney. Being an educator allows her the most precious opportunity of all to pass on her enthusiasm for learning. She has taught piano and trumpet since 1991, was a casual teacher in the United States for the Sacramento City Unified School District from 1995-1997, a mentor teacher for Southern Oregon University, a seminar leader at the University of Sydney, an entomology director, a club leader, as well as a fulltime certified classroom visual arts teacher. Denise draws upon her creativity to successfully lead a diversified student population learn through many different techniques, skills, and interactions.

Ref: L05P0514