All About Independent Learning and How the Library Fits into the Plan

Margaret Montet
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This paper describes the creation of an educational presentation on Independent Learning. In this presentation, I aimed to appeal to community college students as adults responsible for their own work: avoiding plagiarism, using critical thinking skills, and evaluating resources. I described generally accepted learning styles and suggested students identify with which style describes them best to become better learners. These skills will help students keep up with change in the workplace and society. I suggested ways to enhance their learning to make learning skills relevant to their lives rather than just their current classes and assignments.

This Independent Learning project was conceived as a companion to an earlier "how-to" presentation which incorporated the various tenets of Information Literacy and library skills. This was successful at the college, but instructors wanted more. I enhanced the sections on plagiarism and learning tips as a way to reinforce Information Literacy skills without simply enumerating them. An accompanying written handout with a bibliography will be available from the library's Information Literacy website.

Many of the techniques and skills outlined in the presentation were used in the creation of the presentation, making it an example of what it teaches.

Keywords: Independent Learning, Information Literacy, Lifelong learning, Adult Learning
Stream: Adult, Vocational, Tertiary and Professional Learning
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: All About Independent Learning and How the Library Fits into the Plan

Margaret Montet

Librarian, Library, Bucks County Community College

Ms Montet is the Extension Services Librarian at Bucks County Community College in Newtown, Pennsylvania. She has masters degrees in Music Theory (Temple University) and Library Science (Rutgers University) and has worked as a librarian for fourteen years in public and academic libraries in the Philadelphia and New York City areas. In her current position at Bucks, she teaches Information Literacy, acts as the library liaison to the Art and Music faculty, selects materials in Art and Music, and answers many reference and technical queries. She spends most of her typical week at a satellite site teaching students why library skills are relevant. Ms Montet's research interests are Information Literacy, Lifelong Learning, and Medieval Library History. She has presented papers at many conferences in these areas. In her free time she is an avid quilter, reader, ghost letter writer, and hostess of murder mystery dinner parties. She lives in Hamilton, New Jersey.

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