Developing Independent Learning Styles

Prof. Mario Minichiello,
Andrew Selby
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Students enter Loughborough University School of Art and Design to study Illustration and Graphics because they strive to communicate to an audience. The design profession is concerned with presenting new products and approaches, constantly searching for ways to create a desire for an invention or ways to improve the quality of life within society. Communication manifests itself in a variety of ways. In the past decade, the proportion of wealth derived from design, publications, films, animations and e-commerce has outstripped that achieved through manufacturing and retailing, in turn provoking the aspirations of school leavers internationally. Consequently, our profession continues to develop specialist areas of practice concerned with 'Places' (Environments), 'Things' (Products), 'Messages' (Communication) and 'Narratives' (Films, Books and Interactive).

The role of the Designer is to solve problems, therefore a large part of the work will consist of problem analysis. Designers must be capable of sorting, organising and relating information to which they will be expected to bring the qualities of critical judgement. These must demonstrate a balance between objectivity (which is measurable) and subjectivity (which is idiosyncratic). Most critical and personal judgements are culturally informed. This presentation looks at what we did at Loughborough University LUSAD.

Keywords: Art and Design, Creative Judgements, Assessment, Cultural, Self Supportive
Stream: Curriculum and Pedagogy
Presentation Type: Workshop Presentation in English
Paper: Developing Independent Learning Styles

Prof. Mario Minichiello

Academic director LUSAD, Social Science and Humanities, Loughborough University School of art and design

Mario Minichiello Academic Director Loughborough University School of art and design. Is a practicing artist and designer, with many years of experience in the areas of broadcast media and national publications.

Andrew Selby

Programme Leader, Loughborough University

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