Appreciative Learning and Teaching: A Revolutionary Way of Learning and Teaching by Focusing on the Positive

Dr Federico Varona
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Appreciative Learning and Teaching (AL&T) are an adventure, new perspectives for change, and an invitation for a positive revolution to change the way we learn and teach. They are new philosophies of knowing and new methodologies for managing change. AL&T call for a cooperative search for the best in people, the fields we teach and learn about, and the world around us. AL&T give way to imagination and innovation; instead of negation, and criticism. AL&T assume that every living system has untapped, rich, and inspiring accounts of the positive. AL&T foster positive and creative thinking and prepares agents of positive change. The more positive the learning and teaching are, the more long-lasting and successful they become. The content areas that will be covered in this presentation are the following: I. Appreciative Inquiry. The Appreciative Inquiry approach is based on solid, proven principles for unleashing people's creativity, knowledge, and spirit toward positive change. II. The 4-D Cycle of Appreciative Learning and Teaching: 1. The Discovery Phase. 2. The Dream Phase. 3. The Design Phase. And 4. The Destiny Phase. III. Applying the 4-D cycle to the learning and teaching of communication courses, i.e. Organizational Communication. IV. Participants will practice the 4-D Cycle of Appreciative Learning and Teaching and engage in the discussion of implications and strategies for appreciative learning and teaching.

Keywords: Appreciative Inquiry, Appreciative Interviews, Appreciative Learning., Appreciative Teaching, Positive Thinking, Positive Action, Positive Change
Stream: Curriculum and Pedagogy
Presentation Type: Workshop Presentation in English
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Dr Federico Varona

Full Professor, Communication Studies Department, San José State University

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