Executive Coaching: An Education Profession?

Mr Peter Robin Essex Evans
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Executive coaching has significant application to educationalists at Primary, Secondary and Tertiary level. The history of executive coaching evolved from the psychology, training, management consulting, and coaching professions. Yet the principles that underpin much of executive coaching are those of adult education. Two key issues arise from this paper: Firstly that education can lay claim to this field of endeavour and offer significant insights into the development of the executive coaching profession. Secondly that executive coaching has many practical applications in the education profession in terms of educator development and improvement of practice. Leaders and potential leaders in the education professions gain significantly through application of executive coaching principles in their workplace

Keywords: Executive Coaching, Leadership Development, Adult Education, Professional Development
Stream: Adult, Vocational, Tertiary and Professional Learning
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Mr Peter Robin Essex Evans

Participating Academic Lecturer, Brisbane Graduate School of Business, Queensland University of Technology

Peter has an extensive business background including CEO of a national Company, owning and operating his own business, and senior management roles in the Government and the Not-For-Profit sectors. He holds a Master in Business Administration Degree and a Master in Education Degree and is currently undertaking a PhD. He was recently awarded the Vice Chancellor Award for Distinguished Teaching. Peter has written extensive course materials in the strategy field for the MBA program and his field of research is executive coaching. Peter is the founder of Leadership Education Australia, a business specialising in leadership development, executive coaching and mentoring. Peter is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, the Australian Institute of Management and the Australian Marketing Institute. He is a professional speaker.

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