Creating an Attractive Learning Atmosphere by Developing Programs of Environmental, Health and Cultural Education: The Greek Case

Dr Evaggelia Kalerante
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The presentation will provide an update of the educational status quo in Greece. Initially, it refers to the environmental education, then aims at the students' sensitization on issues related to the protection of environment as well as the education and promotion of health. An analysis of the transmission of valid knowledge, the strengthening of personality and the cultivation of decision- making skills will follow. Furthermore, the results of these programs in an innovative action, which contributes to the improvement of education and its connection to the social reality, will be shown. At the same time emphasis is given on these programs, which are regarded as the chance, which has led to development of numerous collaborations with governmental and non governmental organisations and international collaborations. At the end we conclude to the following objectives, that programs: a) create an open learning environment, b) support active citizenship and social cohesion, and c) make learning attractive.

Keywords: Open Learning Environment, Integration, Improvement, Student- Centered School, Pilot Phase, Cultivation
Stream: Community, Culture, Globalisation
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Creating an Attractive Learning Atmosphere by Developing Programs of Environmental, Health and Cultural Education

Dr Evaggelia Kalerante

Environmental Education in West Prefecture of Attika

I was born in Athens in 1962. I have got two first degrees, one in Education and the other in Political Studies. I have also done a master course in the History of education. I have already submitted my PhD thesis and I am waiting for the viva vose. I am currently responsible for Environmental Education in the primary schools of west prefecture of Attika, Greece. During 1998-2000 I was trained in counseling and vocational guidance. I have participated in environmental programs developing in thematic net works with regional, national and international character

Ref: L05P0397