Developing A Shared Learning Approach to Promote Collaborative Practice in Primary Care Mental Health

Ms Di Bailey
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This paper reports on the evaluation of a module on a post graduate certificate programme that was designed explicitly to promote collaborative practice in mental health. The participants undertaking the module were employed as new graduate workers to provide short term interventions to people with common mental health problems in primary care.

The process of constructive alignment will be presented as the framework for exploring a degree of fit between the learning methodology employed and the proposed learning outcomes for the module. The resulting shared learning approach that involved participants attending with a learning partner will be discussed. This included 10 days input over a period of eight weeks together with placement visits and networking experience with mental health agencies.

Measures of participants' attitudes to inter-professional education (IPE) and shared learning were collected at the start (T1) and the end of the module (T2 ) and will be presented in addition to more comprehensive self-report information about participants learning from the module in respect of its impact upon collaborative practice.

Statistical analysis will reveal significant differences in participants' attitudes at T1 and T2. The qualitative data will highlight benefits of learning together to include: a great awareness of team dynamics, improved leadership skills and more confidence in abilities to network and communicate with colleagues in other agencies. The presentation paper will conclude by making some suggestions for how to support shared learning for collaborative practice on similar programmes and initiating discussion.

Keywords: Mental Health, Shared Learning, Evaluation, Primary Care, Collaboration
Stream: Adult, Vocational, Tertiary and Professional Learning
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
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Ms Di Bailey

Programme Director, Institute of Applied Social Studies, The University of Birmingham

Di is the Programme Director for the postgraduate multi-disciplinary RECOVER programme in Community Mental Health at the University of Birmingham. She has many years experience as a Mental Health Practitioner and has 16 years experience as a mental health trainer in a variety of settings. Di's research and consultancy experience spans Primary Care, mental health multi-disciplinary working, service delivery and implementing and managing change effectively. She has an interest in inter-professional mental health education and has published widely in interdisciplinary education.

Ref: L05P0394