Learning Strategies used by the Franciscan Friars in 1700's California

Mrs. Annette Jones
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The United States has been described as a 'mixed salad' of many cultures, and could equally be referring to the California of the 1700's or the present day 21st century. Prior to the arrival of the Spanish explorers, the indigenous people groups lived throughout the western part of North America. A. Kroeber (1939:17) lists three main language families for the middle, peninsular area of California, and five main language groups for the southern area of California. The Franciscan Friars were not only among the first white people that the indigenous people came in contact with, but for Spain, were also the most influencing of the colonizers for this location. They had been given the task to instil the Spanish culture upon the indigenous peoples of the newly colonized areas. The Friars were drawn to the evangelical need, and also strove to meet the challenge of learning about the specific cultures and languages of the people groups around them in order to interact successfully.

The National Center for Educational Statistics (1999) reports that one in five new teachers feel well prepared. The quality of instruction for new teachers is seen to be of utmost importance, with instructional techniques as its major support. These instructors describe the feeling of desperateness when trying to communicate to parents through another language. They also speak of becoming acutely aware of their cultural differences and the lack of cultural training.

The previously discussed topics make reference to how the educators in California today are faced with an overwhelming task of meeting the educational needs of diverse students.

This speaker will describe and critique how the Franciscan Friars worked with the indigenous people groups so as to present instructional techniques that educators in California, USA can reach their students of diversity

Keywords: Diverse Cultures, Instructional Techniques, Curriculum
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Paper: Inclusion: Instructional strategy of the Friars and today’s educators in California, U.S.A.

Mrs. Annette Jones

Visiting Assistant Professor, Special Education, School of Education, Point Loma Nazarene University

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