Building Upon Action Learning for Fine Art Students and Researchers: Historical Developments and Associated Learning from a Community Case Study

Dr. Richard Gant
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The paper introduces the author's research and associated community piloting of Action Learning for Fine Art placement students at Liverpool School of Art and Design (Gant 1986-93). It discusses how it led to a major community placement case study, The Talascape Project (Gant 1993-96), based at the BHP Point of Ayr Gas Terminal, N. Wales, U.K It explores associated teaching and learning methods, (Gant 1986-2002).

The paper subsequently addresses the role of Action Learning (Kolb 1974), (Revans (1980) within the case study, profiling the engagement of placement students with the gas terminal workforce and the local rural neighbourhood community. A derived Visual Arts Action Learning Cycle (Gant 1993) will be discussed.

The paper will detail a tested model (Gant 1989) for Fine Art placement activities and discuss its effectiveness. Elements of the learning cycle are presented and discussed through art practice and cultural contexts. Contextual criteria for educational suitability and transferability will be listed. Optimum learning curves are presented in the study. Action Learning sheets (Gant 1986) are discussed as a teaching, learning and research aid.

Conclusions will record educational benefits to students and their hosts citing examples of practical involvement. A summary of case study Action Learning strengths and weaknesses will be listed. A simultaneous visual presentation of artwork, context and models will support the presentation of the paper at the conference.

Keywords: Action Learning, Fine Art Students
Stream: Arts, Drama and Design
Presentation Type: Workshop Presentation in English
Paper: Building Upon Action Learning for Fine Art Students and Researchers

Dr. Richard Gant

Principal Lecturer and Head of Fine Art, Liverpool School of Art and Design, Liverpool John Moores University

As an active researcher Richard's work has been field-based in both industrial and natural landscapes. As the BHP Fine Art Fellow his doctoral research centred upon the impact of Fine Art practice within an emergent Gas Terminal site in the UK. Current visual work explores the cliff-scapes of the UK. As Fine Art Chair of Research at LJMU he has founded several international Fine Art staff exhibitions including See what you can do, (Singapore 2004), Simpatico (Shanghai 2002) and Synergy (Orebro, Sweden, 2000). Text publication is an integral element of his research output. Post-doctoral papers reference derived PhD findings, which are centred upon motivation, a recent paper being presented at UCLA (Cultural Diversity Conference, 2004). Further papers are pending in Montreal and Granada. He is actively engaged in promoting art in industrial contexts, using his derived motivational model (Gant 2002) to justify and quantify the positive effects of art to industry.

Ref: L05P0384