Values: Where Do I Get Some?

Dr. Debra Ponec
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Identification and integration of values within curriculum is controversial. However, some values are inherent in effective learning and in building learning communities. This presentation will challenge teacher educators to advocate for the integration of values into teacher education programs that support building effective learning communities. During the presentation, the facilitator will describe the process of identifying values within an institution's mission statements that focus on learning communities; operationalize values for effective communication with other professionals; share vignettes of the implementation, integration, and assessment of values in one teacher education program; and discuss strategies for proactive communication of values. Participants will practice deriving program values from an institution's mission statement; determining which purposes or goals would be best suited for their respective teacher education programs; and operationalizing identified values for communication among stakeholders (student, faculty, and administration of the institution, and P-12 education professionals). Discussion regarding the effective implementation and assessment of values throughout the teacher education program will be offered.

Keywords: Values Integration In Teacher Education, Curriculum Revision, Challenges for Teacher Education
Stream: Curriculum and Pedagogy
Presentation Type: Workshop Presentation in English
Paper: Identifying, Integrating, and Assessing Values in Teacher Education Programs

Dr. Debra Ponec

Associate Professor and Chair Education Department Creighton University 

Ref: L05P0038