University Governance and the Upkeep of Academic Values in a Globalized Commercial World

Dr. Paul Arthur Taylor,
Prof. Richard Braddock
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World economic and other global developments over the last two decades have brought great changes in the way governments fund and manage universities. These changes have in turn had a worldwide impact on the internal governance of universities. This paper looks at how the changes have affected the powers of vice-chancellors, collegial decision-making, research agendas, the assessment of research, student enrolments, and the university curriculum. The paper evaluates the impact of these changes, giving particular attention to the new emphasis on commercially driven research and career-oriented teaching, and how this emphasis has affected academic freedom. It suggests ways in which governance policies can best maintain a healthy research and learning environment in a new dispensation in which commercial values must inevitably be accommodated.

Keywords: Globalization, Government Higher Education Policy, University Leadership and Governance, Teaching and Learning, Education and Research as Market Commodities, University Autonomy, Academic Freedom
Stream: Community, Culture, Globalisation
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Commercialisation and the Function of the University

Dr. Paul Arthur Taylor

Research Officer at Macquarie International, a division of Macquarie University, Sydney, International Relations Department Macquarie International , Macquarie University, Sydney

I was head of the Department of Philosophy at the University of Cape Town from 1988 to 1991 and from 1997 to 1999. I taught philosophy in South Africa for 25 years before migrating to Australia in 2000. I am now a researcher in the International Relations Department at Macquarie International, a division at Macquarie University (Sydney) responsible for the management of its international students – that is, overseas students studying at Macquarie University or studying overseas at one of the Macquarie's offshore venues. The division also researches the conditions of international students worldwide. I have published scholarly articles in numerous refereed journals of academic philosophy (such as "Philosophy and Phenomenological Research Analysis" and the "British Journal of Aesthetics") including work on the concept of academic freedom, and have written commissioned articles for Oxford University Press and the publishers Routledge and Basil Blackwell. Earlier this year (July 2004) I published a monograph "Jews and the Olympic Games" (publisher: Sussex Academic Press).

Prof. Richard Braddock

Director, APRIM and International Relations, APRIM and International Relations Macquarie International , Macquarie University

I am an interdisciplinary economist, Secretary-General of the UNESCO Asia-Pacific Higher Education Research Network, and manage Macquarie University's Internationalization Forum. I have taught in programs on University Management and am currently conducting research into Higher Education Policy and Internationalization issues globally. I have previously presented on Education issues at The Learning Conference (London), and at many other conferences including the 12th Conference of the International Association of Universities in Sao Paulo. I have published in the "Journal of Higher Education Policy" and "The International Journal of Learning".

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