Pictures of Practice: Use of Anecdote to Investigate Pedagogical Practices

Michèle McGill
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Anecdote, a specific form of narrative writing, can be used to spotlight, magnify and explore events and their meanings in teachers' lives. The writing and re-writing of an anecdote about teaching or learning experiences provides an opportunity and means to assist teachers to reconsider what happened and what it means for their practice.

This paper reports on the value and use of anecdote as a research tool, assisting teachers, from beginner to experienced, to access and understand specific critical incidents in their own teaching or learning. There have been two phases to this research. The first phase involved the writing and re-writing of anecdotes and a theoretical coda. This sample of Tasmanian teachers was later interviewed as to the effects of the process and how their practice has been affected. The second phase involved the reading of the phase 1 anecdotes by a group of Queensland beginning and experienced teachers. This group was to identify one anecdote that 'spoke' to their particular pedagogical beliefs and practices. The point at issue in this second phase of the research centres on an investigation into the extent to which other teachers' anecdotes may have an impact on their colleagues practice.

Keywords: Narrative, Research methodology, Pedagogy, Teacher practices
Stream: Curriculum and Pedagogy
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Pictures of Practice

Michèle McGill

Lecturer, Faculty of Education, University of Southern Queensland

Ref: L05P0288