Using Professional Competencies to Guide Curriculum Development

Dr. Maria Georgiopoulos Mackavey
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The purpose of this session is to explore ways to develop professional graduate curriculum using competencies. The session will be interactive and engage participants in defining and designing competencies and applying them to outcome-based curriculum design that reflects both the school's/department's mission "and" the professional program's mission. Using at least one example of a competency-driven program developed at Lesley University's School of Management in Cambridge, Massachusetts, participants will explore key components of competency-based learning: orientation, self-assessment, professional development planning, course design, and internships or practicums. Finally, participants will have the opportunity to examine how competency-based curriculum guides the development of learning outcomes and assessment criteria.

Keywords: using competencies, to guide outcome-based learning, in professional graduate curriculum, self-assessment, professional development planning, assessment of learning outcomes
Stream: Curriculum and Pedagogy
Presentation Type: Workshop Presentation in English
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Dr. Maria Georgiopoulos Mackavey

Professor and Director of Human Resources Management Program, School of Management, Lesley University

Maria G. Mackavey is a Professor in the School of Management at Lesley University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. She directs the graduate program in Human Resources Management, which she designed using a competency-based curriculum. She has assisted the dean and faculty of the Undergraduate School at Lesley University design a competency-based general education program. She has published and presented widely and has co-authored a book entitled "Shared Purpose: Building stronger families and high-performance companies" (AMACOM, 1998). Dr Mackavey was born in Greece and grew up in Zambia (fromerly, Northern Rhodesia) in Africa. She earned her BA and MA degrees at SUNY at Albany, New York, and her doctorate from Boston University, Boston, Massachusetts. She lives in Massachusetts with her husband, David, and her dog and two cats. She also raises honey bees.

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