Becoming Teachers: Exploring the Complexity of Webb (e) ing into Professionalisation

Judith Barak,
Malka Gorodetsky,
Dr. Ruth Mansur Shachor,
Shlomo Back,
Dr. Ariela Gidron,
Dr. Smadar Tuval,
Dr. Bobbie Turniansky,
Dina Friling
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Introduction: Dr J. Barak and Pr. M. Gorodetsky The symposium attempts to highlight the complexity of teaching as an existential everyday activity of being (Dasein) in schools with children. It is an relational approach that does not derive from formal representations of knowledge; rather, the specific contexts activate appropriate ways of behavior and action. Professionalism in this respect emerges from processes of negotiation of meaning through compatible participation and reification. These processes are webbing the nets of professionalism of the involved teachers, mentors and students. The learning processes of the different nets comprising an innovative teacher education program (ACE) will be discussed as a webb(e)ing process into professionalism.

Weaving New Meaning: On the Development of Professional Language: Dr R. Mansur and Dr S. Back Following Wenger we believe that learning and teaching consist of negotiation of meaning that take place in a community of learners involving processes of participation and reification. We claim that by the reification of language we can create points of focus around which the negotiation of meaning becomes organized allowing a unique professional language to develop. We will present a case of the absorbing process of new comers (teachers or students) into the teaching profession within the ACE program, an experimental TE program, as a process of learning through reification of language.

Studying our Practice as a Narrative Text: Dr A. Gidron and S. Tuval Ace is an innovative program that views learning to become teacher as an active collaborative educational process with threads of practice and personal experience mutually interweaving a web of practical knowing that nourishes a growing sense of professional identity. Within the conceptual framework of Dewey's principles of experience, continuity and interaction, we explore the use of stories from the field and the writing of a journey log as pedagogies that provide both student teachers and their counsellors ways of turning their practice into educative texts that can be jointly interpreted, reconstructed and understood through dialogic discourse of negotiation of meanings.

The Staff as a Community of Learners: Dr B. Turniansky and D. Friling As members of the ACE staff we must cope with the complexities of preparing students to work in the complex world of education. This is accomplished through the development of interpretive processes of learning and inquiry by the individual and the community. Our processes of team learning include a commitment to changing the experience of teacher education, to building a different work culture, and to examining the differences between current and previous theories of action. In this presentation we will look at the learning processes involved with building a shared vision, team learning, and the meanings of being a "novice".

The Supportive Mutuality between the School and the College in Professional Growth: Dr J. Barak, I. Benamar and Pr. M. Gorodetsky The mutuality between participation and reification as a process of professional growth will be exemplified through a case of collaboration between a school and the ACE teacher education program. The participative part included settings within the school that enacted an innovative pedagogy based on understanding learning as a process of participation in the negotiation of meaning of those involved (students and teachers). This pedagogy provided the pre-service teachers with ways of being compatible with the conceptual framework of the nature of teaching advocated in the ACE program. Support for synergistic effects in the emergence of professional identities will be provided.

Keywords: Webb(e)ing, Relational approach, Participation, Reification, Community of Learners, Active Collaborative Education
Stream: Adult, Vocational, Tertiary and Professional Learning
Presentation Type: Colloquium in English
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Judith Barak

Teacher, Kaye College of Education in Beer Sheva.

A teacher and a pedagogical counsellor at the new experimental program for teacher education (Schachaf - Active, collaborative education) at the Kaye College of Education in Beer Sheva. Israel

Malka Gorodetsky

Ben Gurion University of the Negev

Dr. Ruth Mansur Shachor

teacher educator, Educational program developer, lecturer., Key College of Education.

Ruth Mansur, teacher educator and Philosophy lecturer in Kaye College and Ben Gurion university, was a secondary school teacher. BA from Ben Gurion university (Child Psychology and Philosophy), MA from Ben Gurion university (Philosophy of Social Sciences), PhD Ben Gurion university (dissertation: Symbolism in Anthropological research, a work in Philosophy of Anthropology). Dr Ruth Mansur taught Philosophy and Biblical studies and serves as a member of the pedagogical committee in the Israeli Ministry of Education for Philosophy teaching. She taught Greek Philosophy in Ben Gurion University, in the department of Philosophy, is currently teaching Philosophy of Education in the department of Education and is a teacher and a pedagogical counsellor at the new experimental program for teacher education (Schachaf - Active, collaborative education) at the Kaye College of Education in Beer Sheva.

Shlomo Back

Head, Kaye College of Education - Beer Sheva

Dr. Ariela Gidron

Teacher Educator, Educational program developer, pedagogical counsellor,, Kaye College of Education in Beer Sheva.

Dr Ariela Gidron, taught and served as head of the Open Experimental School in Jerusalem; taught and was a member of the Institute for Open Experimental Teacher Education (Hofen) in Jerusalem; served as head of the program for the primary school at Kay college of education; is currently involved with an empowerment program for the Ethiopian students at Kaye College (the Lapid centre), and is a pedagogical counsellor at the new experimental program for teacher education (Schachaf - Active, collaborative education) at the Kaye College of Education in Beer Sheva.

Dr. Smadar Tuval

Kaye College of Education - Beer Sheva

Dr. Bobbie Turniansky

Teacher Educator, Kaye College of Education - Beer Sheva

Dina Friling

Kaye College of Education - Beer Sheva

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