Curricular Integration of Information Literacy and Case Studies in Political Science

Prof. Jennefer V. Mazza,
Judith E. Jeney
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This presentation will highlight the importance of pursuing Information Literacy (IL) and imbedding it into the curriculum. Communication designs in the 21st Century must include both strategy and content, to effectively improve learning and measure its outcomes. We will focus on the elements of IL at all levels of coursework (100-400) and we will present a case study in Political Science where IL goals and objectives are defined, imbedded and measured. This presentation models the successful collaboration between academic units and the new resources and pedagogies that are part and parcel of higher education in the 21st Century.

Keywords: Theme I: Communication Designs
Stream: Curriculum and Pedagogy
Presentation Type: Workshop Presentation in English
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Prof. Jennefer V. Mazza

Dean of Humanities, Associate Professor of Political Science, School of American, International Ramapo College of New Jersey 

Judith E. Jeney

Dean, College Librarian, College Librarian, Dean of the College Ramapo , College of New Jersey Mahwah, New Jersey

Ref: L05P0171