Education for the 21st Century: Planning a Teacher Education Program for Primary and Middle Schooling

Dr. David G. Lloyd
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In this paper I describe two new undergraduate teacher education programs that have been designed with these particular challenges in mind. The programs are built around seven planning principles: Social Justice and Equity, Futures Thinking, Sustainability, Education for Community Living, Well-being and Relationships Development, Professional Competence and Program and Course Delivery.

Keywords: Teacher education, Primary education, Middle schooling
Stream: Curriculum and Pedagogy
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Dr. David G. Lloyd

Lecturer, School of Education University of South Australia , School of Education, University of South Australia

David Lloyd has many years of experience in senior secondary and middle schooling, and tertiary education, primarily in science education and, in more resent years, futures education. He has been involved with the development in Australia of science documents associated with the national Statements and Profiles initiative, and the South Australian Curriculum, Standards and Accountability Framework. He was chairperson of the Program Development Committee for the writing of the new Bachelor of Education (Primary and Middle) programs (University of South Australia), discussed in this paper.

Ref: L05P0156