Globalization or Neo-Expansionism: The Implications for Education as a Socialization Process

Dr. Consuella Lewis,
William Watkins
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With the ensuing interdependence of the global community, it will be important to examine the nexus between globalism and neo-expansionism. As currently constructed, globalism is a market structure dialectic embedded with subjectivities and the diminished capacity for responding to political, social and cultural contexts in appropriate ways.
The tensions between the free market economy with an emphasis on individualism as a value and communalism with collectivism as value continue to be a site of conflict and contestation. The shift in the market structure, politics and policy has created a new world order at the center of the struggle against cultural and economic hegemony.
Moving global hierarchies to pluralities with shared power and contiguous fluid cultural borders is the challenge that education faces. How will the purposes of education change in the context of globalism to address the transformation and the production of an engaged critical citizenry? How will education serve as the impetus for realigning the social constructions of race and socio-economic class in the new global economy?

Keywords: Globalization or Expansionism, Engaged Educated Citizenry, Transformation, Realignment of Race and Class
Stream: Community, Culture, Globalisation
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Globalization or Neo-Expansionism, The

Dr. Consuella Lewis

Assistant Professor, School of Education Administrative and Policy Studies Higher Education Management , University of Pittsburgh

William Watkins

Professor, College of Education Department of Curriculum and Instruction , University of Illinois-Chicago

Ref: L05P0014