Teaching Action Research: Practicing What We Preach and Preaching What We Practice

Dr. Mary Brydon-Miller
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This hour-long workshop will focus on exploring approaches to teaching action research that are consistent with the experiential, collaborative, social change orientation of this approach to knowledge generation. The presenters, both of whom have been engaged in the practice and teaching of action research for nearly twenty years, will share classroom, on-line, and practice-based exercises they use in their action research courses for teachers, educational administrators, and community educational activists. This session is designed as a hands-on workshop in which attendees have the opportunity to work with these materials and discuss their application in a variety of settings. Specific strategies for engaging issues such as classroom diversity, differences of power and privilege within educational settings, and the broader social and economic forces that shape schooling will be presented along with accompanying theoretical frameworks which help to deepen our understanding of these issues.

Keywords: Action Research
Stream: Curriculum and Pedagogy
Presentation Type: Workshop Presentation in English
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Dr. Mary Brydon-Miller

Associate Professor, Educational Foundations and Urban Educational Leadership Division of Educational Studies College of Education, Criminal Justice, and Human Services , University of Cincinnati

Dr Mary Brydon-Miller received her doctorate in Environmental Psychology and Statistics from the University of Massachusetts/Amherst in 1984. Before joining the Educational Foundations faculty in 2000, she taught at New England College (1990-07) and at Springfield College School of Human Services (1997-2000). Dr Brydon-Miller is a participatory action researcher who engages in community-based work and research. She co-edited the books, "Traveling Companions: Feminism, Teaching, and Action Research, From Subjects to Subjectivities: A Handbook of Interpretive and Participatory Methods, and Voices of change: Participatory research in the United States and Canada", and has produced other publications on participatory action research (PAR) methods, writing, and the work she has done on refugee resettlement, elder advocacy, disability rights, and other community causes. Her most recent research focuses on the uses of art and photography to capture the experiences of refugee men and women as they adjust to life in the United States. Dr Brydon-Miller has presented her work at the "American Educational Research Association", the "American Psychological Association", the "International Conference on Literacy and Education", and the "International Conference on Post-colonial Studies". She is also on the editorial board of for the journal Action Research. She developed a three course sequence on "Action Research" and also teaches courses on Research Ethics and Cultural Differences.

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