Asian Negotiation Styles: Exploring Women's Game-like Strategies and Relationship Building Within a Taiwan Organization

Prof. Suzan Babcock
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This paper will examine how Chinese women within a traditional Chinese organization used game-like strategies and relationship building for negotiation. Based on a game theory model and other current research, an examination is made using this theory from a cultural perspective. The significance of the research findings is that it generates a hypothesis that many of these women view the process of negotiation as a game and develop their game-like strategies accordingly. It is also suggested that game-like strategies and relationship building may be applied to Asian culturally based negotiation styles.

Keywords: Cross-cultural Communication, Game-like Negotiation Strategies and Values, Women and Organizational Culture, Asian Negotiation Styles
Stream: Community, Culture, Globalisation
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Asian Negotiation Styles

Prof. Suzan Babcock

Senior Lecturer, Department of English National Taiwan Normal University 162 Ho Ping East Road, Section 1 Taipei 106, Taiwan , and the Ministry of Education

Professor Babcock has worked in Asia for 20 years. Currently, she is a Senior Lecturer at the National Taiwan Normal University's Department of English and is also the Communication Specialist to the Minister of Education. She has been a frequent speaker, trainer, lecturer and consultant within Asia for Chinese government organizations, international community groups, institutions of higher learning and private organizations. Her academic preparation includes completed degrees in the areas of 1) Teacher Education and Training, 2)Counseling and 3)International and Intercultural Management. For her teaching, she has taught Adult Learners from various government employees within the Taiwan government, undergraduate university students, and members from the international community. Her presentations, workshops and seminars have focused cross-cultural communication, women and negotiation, language and culture, cross-cultural trainings, and cross-cultural experiential education. Hobbies include writing, hiking, music, cooking Indian food for good friends, photography and writing short stories and poetry.

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